Maxence Larrieu

Welcome to my website! I work in Open science and scholarly communication, and I have a PhD in computer music.

Open Science

I work in this field since 2015. I started at Université Paris-Est and currently (2021) at Université Paris Cité ( My work is to developp open science within the university. I am the project manager of a new publishing platform. In open science I am interested in policies, technology, research evaluation, and the ecosystem of scientific knowledge : publications, data and software.

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Networks : Comité pour la Science Ouverte (CoSO) , Couperin , CasuHal , Conditor.

Computer Music

My research focuses on computer music, i.e. the music that is written with programming languages. This music involves a particular medium, a digital one, which appears to the musicologist as a bundle of lines of code. The starting point of my research work proceeds from the interactions between the medium and the musicologist, in another word how to get the knowledge in the medium to conduct a musical analysis. Jean-Claude Risset is a prominent figure in my work. Using the term 'exhaustive score', he emphasizes the richness of digital medium in musical analysis. Nevertheless, he stated in 2000s that musicology was not yet prepared to investigate this medium. My research aims to highlight this mediums so they can be used for analyses purposes.

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Network : Electroacoustic Music Studies Network (EMS), Association Francophone d'Informatique Musicale (AFIM)